Thursday, March 2, 2017

 Academic sources for my research

 The NCAADivision 1 Funding Crisis:


The Cost of College Sports

Book: Universities in the marketplace : the commercialization of higher education /

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

  My research has gotten a little broader from just men's tennis to most of the other popular collegiate sport programs not funded here at Rutgers (volleyball, swimming,etc) . This is to understand what kind of people in general colleges are seeking to attract according to what programs are funded (more specifically Rutgers). The fact these sports are also perceived as somewhat "higher class" and what not, and still not included in a budget that could be boosted by them is a question I would like to dig up as much information as possible to answer. Is it that these institutions are so blinded by the money they will be able to put in their pockets after, or are they really trying to help these "student athletes" create a path for themselves? Dr. Ronald B. Woods says that "major college sport programs are run as corporate businesses that pay no taxes". He goes on to say that most schools want to at least "break even", and if they are able to get an invitation to post-season games there they are able to cash in a little more. One website talks about schools fighting back though. Schools and students (even student athletes) are fighting extra charges on their tuition to help pay for fields and departments they will never set foot in. 
Key terms that have helped so far are: college sports funding, intercollegiate funding, NCAA finances, financing school sports
Scholarly articles: Washington post, forbes, human kinetics. Wikipedia is also a big help..
Books: Ethics and college sports 
A couple of ideas I got from this research is an even bigger picture about who used to play these sports more, who plays these sports now, how college sports are run financially, what new perks teams receive with exposure, and a couple more things
There are a couple of controversies in this topic; starting with who is helping fund these programs, how these programs are not really using all the funding for their operations but rather to increase their yearly  salaries, and how the weak programs get caught because athletic directors don't want their record to be tarnished by some under-par teams.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

  My research will  be mainly focused on digging deep into the lack of certain athletic programs here at Rutgers, whether it is a financial problem or another issue that is rooted even deeper. Why have all these programs been taken away by one sport and what are the logistics or numbers behind it